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Graphic Design

The hobby I've dedicated my time the most throughout the decades of my life. Design has always interested me in many shapes & forms. Be it creating a logo for a business, a sketch of a friend or a 3D model of a vehicle, it has always been a part of me and taught me develop an eye for detail, a hand for accuracy and a mind for critical thinking.


My career of choice. Networking & Penetration has always interested me the most as a professional career path. My internal passion for wanting to learn every nook and cranny of how the internet works has allowed me to pursue courses and certifications of high value in today's industry.

Web Development

As a side-activity, I also do web developing. What makes me stand out in this field is knowledge and utilization of pure, handwritten code using HTML, CSS & Javascript technologies. I believe that a web page is the first online encounter of a potential customer with a business or a service-provider, and with that in mind, a Site Builder just isn't enough, as they are very option-limited and just not enough to visualize a perfect image of your idea.

(This very page is impossible to recreate in a Site Builder)


The Rig



Graphic Design


Graphic design was my hobby of choice since small feet. I’ve started off with image manipulation and, since then, I’ve been spending a lot of time in this field, learning new technologies and advancing my artistry to the point of entering the designing industry fairly confident in my set of skills. I have published my art on various forums, where some even hit viral success amongst the community.

I specialize in logo and banner design. However, I also do miscellaneous work which includes, but isn't limited to advertisements, textures, image manipulation (i.e. photo polishing) and various other designs, per-request.

Currently I'm creating content for numerous clients, contracts being in web development, 3D models and various other business types. This includes a range of general logo design, logotype character drawings, wide-span of diverse object design and advertisement material, real-life style texturing for 3D models.

Some of my best works are included below, in the portfolio section.

The rig

  • Samsung 4K UHD TN Panel
  • 2x AOC 24V2Q IPS Full HD
  • Logitech A4Tech V5M
  • Asus ROG RTX 2070 8G
  • Intel I7 6700K 4.0Ghz
  • Kingston 32GB 2166Hz DDR4 RAM
  • Samsung EVO 970 256GB


,,The only limit is mind itself''



Here is a select of my best works. It includes a range of graphic design, as well as texturing and 3D modeling, which some became popular amongst the users.

Many of these are not comissions I've worked on but were done with a kind heart. Especially 3D models, which are available for download free on the links provided with their corresponding images.

Alongside these, there are many various, contracted projects. However, for client's privacy, I've chosen not to showcase them. These include image manipulation, design and more.

(This whole website, along with art, is done by me also!)











  • Name: Pavle
  • Surname: Kuzmanovic
  • Alias: "CremeFraicher"
  • Birth date: 04.10.1997.
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • E-mail:
  • Phone Number: [+381] 64 464-3530


During my studies at Singidunum University, I’ve grown more and more interested in networking and its’ security. The courses provided were enough to help me learn the ropes and advance my knowledge beyond the faculty, enabling me to apply for various courses & certification in the field and gaining interest to learn about the Linux Operating Systems, Kali specifically. From there, I’ve expanded on penetration methods, vulnerabilities, malicious social engineering, as well as identifying and preventing them. This, of course, helped me in my daily activities, as I am mainly a Windows user, a known targeted platform for malicious attacks. I am pretty frequent in using the internet on it, and now, with this expertise I’m able to protect myself from various attacks and educate others about the dangers on the World Wide Web and their measures of prevention.


In networking, I have extensive knowledge and experience about the TCP/IP and ISO stack, protocols used as well as routing, switching subnetting, vlan creation and inter-VLAN routing, EtherChannel technology, their protocols, function and configuration. My experience in this field covers advanced network setup for small to large enterprise networks, their security implementation, troubleshooting and problem solving. I use the Cisco Packet Tracer software as the initial network planner to ensure stability and optimality of the network configuration before implementing it physically. So far, I have successfully implemented a number of LAN networks, small to medium sized, and have implemented attack prevention methods to secure them further from the most frequent attacks.

In pen-testing, my experience covers the use of Kali Linux and its’ numerous tools, some of them being the air-ng tool package for wireless scanning, disruption and penetration, (b)Ettercap for ARP poisoning, DNS spoofing and Man-in-the-Middle attack execution, the Metasploit package for malware and backdoor creation and AV evasion, it’s deployment and execution on the target machine and many, many more. So far, I have successfully deployed a wide range of attacks in a test environment, conducted as an experiment. Some of them being backdoor, spyware and trojan deployment, keylogger utilization and buffer overflow in software-based attacks, DoS, DDoS, SQL Injection, phishing and malicious javascript execution in web-based attacks, and MitM, ARP spoofing, DNS spoofing, evil twin attack and SSL stripping in network-based attacks. However, my expertise goes far beyond these examples and include a much broader range of methods for penetration testing which even extends to malicious social engineering.





Cisco Packet Tracer

NDG Linux Essentials


Privacy & Security

Ethical Hacking


  • Network Modeling & Deployment
  • Identifying & Securing a Physical Network Sabotage Attack
  • Man-in-the-Middle attacks and discovery
  • Backdoor deployment, execution and detection
  • Various Malware deployment and detection
  • SQL Injection and prevention


My services cover initial network planning and setup in a virtual environment, device and protocol configuration, subnetting and VLAN setup, security implementation and physical deployment.








Booting from flash


Web development is one of my earliest achieved skills. I started off self-taught and later achieved absolute proficiency in styling and back-end languages by participating in study groups, university studies and other courses which helped me gather experience in other fields of web development including CMS operation, SQL Databases and security. I am currently leading a group of people working as a senior web developer in a freelance business and behind me I have an over-abundance of past projects I’ve worked for either myself or my clients. I also used to mentor individuals in the subject. Combining my knowledge and experience in the fields of graphic design, networking, programming, marketing and web development, I offer and ensure the highest of qualities being brought by me on the projects and the work I do, as well as consulting and mentoring.



template site

template site

Technology ☰


It’s all about the looks. Edge-to-edge pages, smooth corners, fluid animations and responsive design are today’s standard. New innovative ideas are being brought up every few years, changing the climate of web development. As someone who’s keeping in touch with the latest trends and a person who is always curious for the answer to the question ‘’How’s it done?” on new, unique site builds, I strive to deliver the latest-standard web-page builds catered to the expectation of the industry.


Using advanced coding methods, I am able to configure a single website to have an adjusted and distinct look & feel on different-sized screens, going as far as to a completely new enivornment, all derived from one main file and thus, removing the need for multiple redundant files occupying additional unwanted hardware space and maximazing site personalization.
(Resize this site for an example)


Your site is your window to the online world. The first contact with a potential customer or a follower. Be it a personal blog page, a web page for advertising your services or selling merch, and even a corporation website targetting massive traffic flow, I realize that the request for the target audience must be met and will work together with your vision and mission to achieve that goal.


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I am Pavle Kuzmanović. Born and raised in Zaječar, a small town in a basin in the eastern part of Serbia. I'm mostly known as a guy with vivid imagination which extends my creativity, a man who's committed to his work, career and studies, a high-achiever and as a person who posseses a keen, sharp eye for detail. My skills are widespread against many different tech fields, most notable being graphic design, networking, web development and programming. My hobbies include gaming, fitness, various coding and design.

Durring my high-school years is when I ripened up. I began exploring the basics of web developing and landing my first job in that field where I was tasked to build a website for a worldwide known marble supplier ,,Zlatibor Mermer d.o.o''. This was a really big deal for me, as the company previously had contracted work with Microsoft in Seattle, Munich's Olympic stadium and so on. High school is also where I had my first run-in with object-orientated programming, language being Pascal in one of my classes. Lastly, I got interested in network penetration and became a script-kiddie.

Since elementary school, I've been interested in technology. Examples being renting out a server for a game me & my friends would play on and programming scripts for the said server. I have also used tools that were available back then to develop game modificiations, particularly for the ,,Grand Theft Auto'' series, where I would create and post primarly texture mods and simple .LUA script mods on a gaming forum for the community to use. This also, in turn, allowed me to gain knowledge in reverse-engineering software to fit my liking.

Right now, I live, work and study in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I'm finishing up my studies in Singidunum University, Faculty of Computer Sciences, department of Information Technology, where I have excelled most of my subjects during the four years and plan to enroll into Master studies right after. This is also when I, and still do, perfect my skills in before-mentioned technologies, branch out into several other IT fields, gain experience with new technologies and enter the industry via freelance work. Right about now, I have many completed projects behind me and many new ones in the works, either for my clients or personal use. I have continued working on game modifications, this time, expanding my skills to 3D modelling aswell and capitilizing it in the process. Lastly, through my years in the university, I have discovered the passion for networking and pentesting and have made it my goal to pursue it as a career, signing up for various courses, including Cisco ones, and achieving certifications in the field.